"So I first started following Taylor and utilizing her training's for growing Facebook groups. I really wanted to make sure that my community was infused with who I am and that I was bringing my unique self to my brand and business so I could attract my tribe. People who were truly meant to follow me and be impacted by what I had to say. 

Utilizing the tips and tricks has been helpful in growing my community and gaining some of my first clients. It's a community that I absolutely love, I'm active in, and engaged. When I first started with the program, I had about 300 members in my group. Within 4 months, I have doubled that with ideal clients. And that has been really helpful for me. "

- Kierra Jones, Empowerment and Shine Coach



"Taylor gave me incredible guidance when it came to my Facebook group. I wanted to start growing a community of people I loved, wanted to serve, and with whom I had a ton in common. Taylor helped me in niching down, so that I was targeting a group that had something in common with me & that I could help. She also helped guide me when I was in the process of renaming my group. With the new name, I get tons of requests DAILY from entrepreneurs. The best part? I'm not even actively promoting!They just find me - and it HAS to be the name! Finally, Taylor has given me ideas on how to grow my group. I utilized one of her ideas, and I grew my group by over 100 people instantly! Taylor knows Facebook groups." 

- Jessica Rose, Coach for Multipassionate Millennials