It's time to unlock next level you, hit multiple 6 figures & live fully free


Are you tired of this income plateau?

Wondering how it’s even possible for you to create $50k+ months without totally burning out?

Feeling like you’ve accomplished a lot but you still aren’t living the life you thought you’d be by now?

Does a life of predictable income and not obsessing about money feel like total relief?


Let me tell you this:

I feel you. I was you.

And to get straight to the point here - Yes, it’s possible.

It’s possible to not have your life revolve around money fear, wondering when the next payment is going to come in and to confidently do what you love.

(And be paid really freaking well for it!)


My story?

I started coaching at 20-years-old. Business coaching.

I was terrified of being found out as some millennial fraud. But the truth was I loved this work. I loved seeing my clients reach new levels and I truly felt like every time my clients succeeded, I was making a bigger impact in their world.

However, “plateau” could’ve been my middle name (it’s actually Cheyenne, fun fact!)

I was doing all of the things: listening to audio books in the shower, repeating affirmations 5 times per day, dancing before discovery calls to get high-vibe, investing in multiple coaches… But I was stuck at $8K months.

Not only did I want to to break past the 5-figure month mark, I wanted more: I wanted to multiple 5-figure months, multiple 5-figure launches, multiple 5-figure clients.

Getting to the next level felt like a fight. I could work really, really hard and hit a slightly bigger month but then my income would dip back down because I was burnt out.

Resonate at all? (AKA: Resonate a lot? Think I’m somehow stalking you?)

This is for you.

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Unlock 1:1 mentorship

3 months to unlocking multiple 6 figures in your business and living fully free.

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Intuitive multi 6 figure strategy

Together, we are crafting your unique strategies to create multiple 6 figures in your business. There is no one size fits all approach. We are combining both of our intuitive gifts to create strategies that are completely aligned, unique in the marketplace and simple for you to implement.

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signing High end clients

Imagine how your life would change if you were able to easily sign 3 $20k clients this week (and they paid in full). Odds are you are really great what you do and actually enjoy working with clients 1:1.. but you know it’s time to raise your rates and use a sales process that has you only working with the best of the best clients.

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6 figure passive product

Whether you want to run a signature course, a membership site or a bootcamp, we will put a sales system in place so your single passive product can start bringing in a baseline of $10k cash per month. That means your product creates well over 6-figures cash each year. Game changing, yes?

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Create your sales saga

Your sales saga is your content story that sells like woah. We’ll work together closely to decide exactly what stories you need to be telling to fill your programs not only with ease, but with the perfect fit dream clients you’ve been trying to find.

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lead a profitable community

The number 1 struggle keeping most businesses from multiple 6 figures is lead generation. We will implement my CWC Method and create a cycle of leads that are joining your community on a daily basis. This means you always have people ready to buy from you.

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Fully free life & mind

Tired of obsessing about money and feeling like your business is taking over your life? We’re changing your mindset so you can finally see you HAVE to work less to make more money AND finally live a life you’re excited to tell your grandchildren about one day ;)


Hear from my past private clients


Christie Bailey
Online Sales Mentor

“So today may have just been the best day of my life. The morning started out with a random referral, which resulted in a $3500 cash sale for my mastermind.

Then, I got a message from someone I'd never talked to before. At first, I thought she'd be better for my mastermind and not 1:1, but she was like “nope, need your 1:1” — she knew it was over $10K!

So I talked to her on the phone to confirm she was a good fit. Her words were: "I literally don't even care what the program consists of. I know you're gonna get me where I wanna go."

When I hung up, I realized this was my first $15k day and already a $20K month, since I already made other sales this month!

Today, I have what I’ve always wanted. To be respected, appreciated, compensated, and loved... for who I am. My authentic self.

Taylor, you literally rock my world. Thank you for pushing me to get clear on my ideal client. Thank you for pushing me to raise my rates to $10k. Thank you for just being an awesome human and soulmate coach. You are changing my life.”

“I was so hesitant to hire Taylor because the last coach I worked with was a massive investment and I didn’t feel supported. I ended up draining my bank accounts and feeling depressed and scared. My mental health was seriously affected. Not that it was the coach’s fault, but it all left me very hesitant to invest in another high-ticket coach. 

I knew Taylor was amazing though. So, after wrapping my mind around it all, I got some credit and paid her in full. This was scary but also massively empowering. Making that investment in itself empowered me to raise my rates and expect to be paid in full.
Within a few weeks of coaching, I had my first pay-in-full private client for $15k and paid the credit cards that allowed me to hire her. 

Taylor helped me unpack my mindset around filling my 1:1. I upleveled like crazy and filled my private coaching with
3 beyond-dreamy clients for $23K each. On top of that, 2 of them paid me in full. I almost had a $60K cash month

While working with Taylor, I’ve had multiple multiple-5-figure months, up-leveled my beliefs, and released my deepest fears. I feel worthy, stable, and happy. I’m more connected to the people in my life, and feel supported by my business instead of controlled by it. I just feel confident. 

Taylor has changed my life and I want to be her client forever. If you are thinking about hiring her just do it!” 


Gianna Rackman
Love & Relationship Coach


Ashley Enget
Online Business Coach

"I've just been looking at my income spreadsheet, and things have really changed. I was getting $1,500 payments for my 1:1 coaching (3-month payments plan) with no pay-in-fulls in sight. 

Now, I'm receiving $1,300 payments for my group program, $2,500 deposits, and a
$10,000 pay in full for 1:1 clients

I have invested in myself and learned so much in the past year, but I was not getting paid what I was worth. I was booking 5-figure months but I was tired and exhausted (like when I had 7 coaching calls in one day! #burnout ) 

After working with Taylor I 
had my first $20K month and it was easier than any $10K month I had before. I finally have a repeatable system that makes sales feel easy!"  

When Alex and Jenny came to me, they had a $20k month in the past but were never able to get there again and wanted to know how to not only get there but keep it consistent.  

Fast forward to January 2018, and they were celebrating a $35,272 cash month! With the strategies I teach, they not only brought in over $30k cash in February but locked in $20k before the 1st of the month! 

And from that, by the 5th of February, they had locked in $30K cash for the month in payments and new sales. Over $10k is coming in through their low-ticket membership site alone plus fully booking their 1:1 coaching and services.




  • The kind of entrepreneur who has a service based, online business (life/biz/spiritual/relationship/self-love/health coaching, consulting, web design, copywriting, social media management, etc)

  • The kind of entrepreneur who is so passionate about their work they feel rewarded when their clients succeed

  • The kind of entrepreneur who has a story to share, and who is so ready to share it and not give a damn what people thing anymore

  • The kind of entrepreneur who is willing to do whatever it takes to create their dream life and refuses to waste their one life on this Earth

  • The kind of entrepreneur who wants to move fast and get their desired results now

  • The kind of entrepreneur who is so ready to let go of every single excuse or fear they have around hitting their goals

  • The kind of entrepreneur who gets excited thinking about have a community of thousands of soulmate sisters (and/or brothers!) who swoon over your content and stories

  • The kind of entrepreneur who just knows they are meant for more - to reach more, to do more, to be more, to make more, to create more

  • The kind of entrepreneur who shamelessly desires to make $50,000 cash months within the next few months

  • The kind of entrepreneur who has the desire to charge five figures (or more) for their 1:1 services

  • The kind of entrepreneur who gets excited at the thought of serving 100+ students in their signature course over the next 6-12 months

  • The kind of entrepreneur who loves personal development and having a 1:1 coach and just can’t stop investing in themselves

  • The kind of entrepreneur who knows they need to be selfish and put themselves first before they can give back in the way they truly desire to


What’s included in the 3 month mentorship

  • 9, 45-minute sessions with Taylor via Zoom or phone

  • Unlimited coaching between sessions via Voxer voice notes and texting

  • Unlimited feedback on marketing materials (website pages, posts, emails, funnels, etc via Google Docs

  • Access to all of Taylor's passive programs and groups programs she runs during your time together



$20k Pay in full
($10k deposit + 2 payments of $5k)


Can’t wait to chat!

xo, Taylor