This 5-week course (plus tons of epic bonus material) will show you how to create a Facebook group with a unique vibe and purpose, that attracts your ideal clients on automate and sells you programs like hotcakes.

  • Learn my go-to strategies I used to grow my group from 300 to 2,000 members in the matter of just 60 days (and how you can use them to do the same) 
  • Map out a simple and effective content strategy that takes from people “Never heard of her!”, to obsessed fan in your Facebook group, to high level (and high paying) 1:1 client 
  • Take a sneak peak at the type of posts I’ve used (and you can use too) to get hundreds of likes, dozens of comments, and massive visibility in other people’s Facebook groups 
  • Duplicate my exact 3 step process I’ve used to launch programs solely in my Facebook Group that make over $10k in ONE WEEK time and time again


In this 5 part video series I will reveal the strategies that I used to scale a multiple 6-figure business + how you can apply my approach to reach the 6-figure mark in your own business.

  • Defining your multiple six-figure business that allows you to build your business the way that makes you excited, and also feels easy. 
  • Figure out what's really holding you back from making the money that you deserve.
  • Start to sell & create an offer that gives you $20K months, and gets people to say "I need this NOW!". 
  • Let go of the perfection of your business & create a business structure that is built on your priorities so you don't have to do things that you don't want to do.
  • Ditch the anxiety around your marketing, and instead map out a 6-figure strategy that feels good to you.


Wondering what tools I use to run my business? After working with [easily] over 100 clients and testing out every single tool under the sun, I wanted to recommend my top favorites that I use(d). Please note these links are affiliate links and I may be compensated if you decide to use any of the products. 


Contracts + Invoicing: Dubsado
This program is hands down the most cost effective, prettiest and user friendly option for sending your clients contracts and invoices. Use my code, Taylor, at checkout to get 20% off! 

Scheduling Discovery and Client Calls: Acuity Scheduling
I've used Acuity Scheduling forever to schedule all types of sessions, meetings and calls in my business. Between myself and my clients, we've tried all of the scheduling programs under the sun and this by far the best out there. Ask tons of questions when someone books a call with you (yay for pre-qualified leads), send them reminder emails and seamlessly set your scheduling boundaries! Click here to use my affiliate link. 

Basic Email Marketing, Landing Pages and Funnels: ConvertKit 
I love ConvertKit for all things basic email marketing, landing pages and funnels. This program does it all for a very low monthly cost and is perfect for those with a list under a few thousand who aren't doing lots of passive income and group programs yet. I used this program for a long time and have all of my private clients use it for our work together. Click here to check it out. 

High Converting Landing Pages: LeadPages 
ConvertKit can create landing pages and for a long time I used theres and had pages converting at 50%+ (which is great)! However, the options are limited. The benefits of using LeadPages are: they share insights on the top converting pages, you have easy access data (to see what pages are working) on all your pages (unlike hosting a landing page on your site) and it's SUPER easy to use and design with. I currently use this program and probably always well. Click here to check it out. Pssst... now my landing pages often convert at 70% and higher! 

Social Media Scheduling and Automation: SmarterQueue 
Smarter Queue is the best social media scheduler I've ever used. I'll be honest, I haven't been using it long but since I have, I've been saving so much time on my content and getting more out my posts than ever before. Here's why: with this program, you plug in all of your old content and Smarter Queue posts it over and over. Meaning, if I have 60 posts, each posts gets posted once every other month. I put all of my previous posts in here so they can be reused on automate over time. Now, I have content going out ever day without even trying. Talk about epic. Grab your free 30-day trial here! You have nothing to lose! 

Course and Membership Site Hosting: Kajabi
I use Kajabi to host membership portals for my courses, group programs and masterminds. I've used tons of WordPress and SquareSpace plugins and none have been as easy to use and navigate as Kajabi. Plus, no customer issues. I've had over 100 people use my programs in Kajabi and have never had anyone struggle to use it. #boom Save 15% by clicking here. 


Jewelry Subscription: Rocks Box
I know what you're thinking... Taylor, how is this business related?! It is! When I wear a nice jewelry piece (tip: or when I actually get ready, use good lighting, etc) on my live streams not only do I feel amazing but more people tune in. I'm not kidding. Here's the thing though - I suck at jewelry and fashion. Rocks Box is awesome because for $19/month you will get 3 pieces sent to you that you can keep for as long as you want or return as soon as you'd like. As soon as you put your box back in your mailbox (they make it super easy and free to return) they send you 3 new pieces. Plus, if you want to keep something, they give you epic pricing! Get a free month for FREE by using my code TAYLORMBFF29 at checkout, here. 


Live Chat Inc is basically one of my 'dirty little secrets' of launching. I thought about not sharing it here because it's something I typically only tell 1:1 clients about, but this can change the game for you so I just have to share. Basically - you pay a small fee each month and you can put a live chat box on your site. I always make a few extra sales in my launches from this feature alone (because people can ask q's while reading the sales page) and have even been able to sign high-end, 1:1 client straight from the platform. Grab 20% off by using my link, here. 


For my checkout pages I use Sam Cart Pro. The program allows you to create high converting check out pages (with the templates you don't even need a sales page). You can take payment via Stripe (credit cards) and/or PayPal - one time payments, payment plans and membership payments. Super simple. And epic. Sign up for a free 14-day trial, here. 

Ever wonder what ring light I use for livestream set up? Check out the Social Lite Ring Light System, here.