Sell High End with Ease
A 5 Month Group Coaching Experience with Taylor Manning


$20k months every month (and your clients getting incredible results too - all of them) 

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I know you're ready for everything to change.

You know you're meant to be the best, but right now... it feels like a constant battle of up and down. One minute you're making sales and on a high and the next.... clients are dropping out, payments are late and you realize... things NEED to change. 

You are meant to be the best. The industry is READY to change. But it's not going to happen with what other's are teaching... 

What does make you the best mentor out there? 

  • Knowing what it is that only you do (I mean, you already know that you know things intuitively... but feel like you can't explain it without "knowledge" to back it up) 
  • Going DEEP into the experiences you've had that are making you act out of habit and blocking you from the results you want (Like how you always settle for less than your goal and just don't know why you can't make your message concise and powerful yet) 
  • Understanding exactly what needs to be said online so your soulmate clients (the ones who get HUGE results FAST) sign up that day - no questions asked (Let's face it - you know your content is blending in right now but you just don't know what to say that is UNIQUE) 

Please note: This intensive, high touch program is capped at 12 women. And doors are open until March 31. 


FROM TAKING A MONTH OFF TO REV UP TO HER FIRST $40K CASH WEEK {Which lead to her first $60k month… of course} 


Before working together, Christie had decided to move over to business coaching (because why not people were asking her for it) and had her first $10k month while in Bali. At the time - it felt a bit like LUCK - $5k clients while getting massages and chilling in the sunshine?! So she THOUGHT she needed to take a month off to essentially “rev up” (think: plan a fancy launch and grow her community even more) and prepare to launch her group offer WRONG.

That month off turned into her first $20k month {NOVEMBER 2017}. Which she did AGAIN the next month {DECEMBER 2017}. And then 3x’d that the month after {HER $60K JANUARY 2018}!!!! 

NONE of this was fancy/strategic marketing - at least the way we’ve been taught to think of it
• No stressful and costly list growth
• No writing tons of emails that made her want to smash her head into the computer screen

Because when you KNOW that you are a BADASS - the absolute BEST coach for your soulmate clients
• You stop overdelivering
• You stop thinking you NEED anything (fancy marketing) to get the results you deserve
• You stop pushing and begging for sales AND YOU EXPECT THEM AND THEY HAPPEN 

All from simple posts and livestreams ;) Easy. (YOU CAN HAVE THIS TOO) 





$35,272 CASH in 1 MONTH!!!! {THEIR JANUARY} 

And from that, by JUST the 5th of February they locked in $30K CASH for February in payments and new sales. Over $10k coming in through their low ticket membership site ALONE plus fully booking their 1:1 coaching and services 

Alex and Jenny were stuck at $10k months which was FINE but when you’re running a *business* and paying TWO people’s bills…. It’s basically NOTHING. {I know this is how you feel just doing it on your own}.

They used to think they had to learn what everyone was doing for “inspiration” but found themselves feeling clueless about what THEY actually wanted

So they...
• Dropped the shoulds they were learning from watching everyone else
• Offered what they were MEANT to offer
• Marketed and launched how the were MEANT to market and launch
• And thought STRATEGICALLY about their actual vision {Which is why not only was January their best month ever at $35k but they started February 1st with over $20k expected to come in - CASH} 

Because business is NOT just about getting clients here and there on referrals OR making JUST ENOUGH to get buy, is it? 

So they expected MORE {multiple five figures cash every single month} and they got it. (SO CAN YOU) 


$5,000 deposit + 4 monthly payments of $1700 

Please note: This intensive, high touch program is capped at 12 women. And doors are open until March 31. 


5 months of support with Taylor Manning
2 bonus orientation trainings
10 trainings and/or intuitive insight sessions
10 group coaching sessions where we go deep
2-day LIVE event that will change your life
Facebook group with unlimited access to me
get sales convo advice, feedback on your posts, and ask ANY of your questions

Instant access to 2 orientation trainings to sign your first $10k client

Both calls are designed to support you in making your $10k investment back immediately. (Elisa signed her first $15k client ($5k CASH deposit that day) 4 days after watching the first training).

Training # 1 (60-minutes): 
The number 1 thing keeping your from signing your first $10k client and exactly how to master it now
How to turn your current leads into customers today (bonus: the key to writing posts that gets your more, qualified and ready to invest leads) 
The biggest mistake you are currently making in your content causing no one to actually buy
Bonus: individual intuitive insight on what makes you different than any other coach out there (as soon as you join the mastermind I will tell you YOURS

Training #2 (90-minutes): 
3 steps to signing $10k clients
Why your goals are coming to fruition and how to change that starting NOW
My outline for posts and livestreams that actually SELL
Top changes to make in your sales process and conversations to sign clients the day they reach out

10, trainings focused on taking you to $20k+ CASH months

The topics of each training will be adjusted to be exactly what you and the group needs to increase your income and JOY in your business to hit $20k cash months while actually feeling free. Some trainings will be video how-to trainings while others will be individual insight for each person. 

Topics include: 

  1.  Intuitive insight on the exact ROI you get your clients and HOW (each person will be told what ROI they get their clients and how to market it to sign clients) when you understand this not only do you see why you are the most amazing coach there is for your soulmate clients but your marketing is clear in why your soulmate clients need to actually invest in working with you 
  2. Training on my five figure content system - exactly how I create my content when my focus is filling my 1:1 program with $10k-$20k+ clients and how you can create SIMPLE content (posts and livestreams) that do the same - you have not been taught this before and clients will sign up faster than ever when this is put in place 
  3. Intuitive insight on exactly WHO your soulmate client is - how they feel, where they are in their life/business, things they are going through, their secret thoughts, their top desires - most importantly, what you need to say in your content to sign them on as clients 
  4. Training on creating your OWN business rules that increase your income AND 3-freedoms (time, financial and emotional) - understand what rules you are following in your business right now that aren't "aligned" and why you've been holding onto them so you can unlock a freedom you've never felt before (where you just enjoy every day inside your business) 
  5. Training on your relationships - romantic, friends, family, clients. How to feel loved, admired, respected in all of your relationships by setting important boundaries nobody talks about. With your partner - more excitement about your future, more intimacy and understanding. With your friends and family - more fun, deeper connection, no more you feeling misunderstood or judged. With your clients - bigger results than ever before, quicker and faster results, no more full of fear clients that stress you out and no more feeling like you have to be available and over deliver to be liked as a coach. 
  6. Training on actually understanding (and creating) what you truly want. I know you're saying "Ugh... I don't even know what I want right now...". Not only have a clear vision of where you are going long term, but start having fun and pleasure every single day.... plus understand what's going on right now that's blocking you from that (which no mindset coach has covered with you before). 
  7. Training on your process with your clients that creates massive results. Understand what your clients truly need (because THEY don't and relying on them to ask for what they want doesn't work) and blow their minds more than EVER before. 
  8. Intuitive insight on your business structure - what programs you are meant to have, price points, details, etc. What your $500k/per year business looks like. 
  9. Intuitive insight on my marketing saga invention - the exact handful of posts and livestreams you can use to refill your programs over and over again 
  10. Training on stepping into multiple 6-figure CONFIDENCE that everyone around you feels and admires + intuitive insight on your next steps as we wrap up the program

10, group coaching sessions - next call is March 22nd 1:30 pm EST

90 minute - 2 hour coaching sessions via Zoom where we go into what you need right now to hit your goals. Each individual is given a their own time to be coached by Taylor. Come with questions or not (since I know you don't always know WHAT to ask to get results). 

2-day live event

Event location near Charolette, North Carolina on May 10th and 11th. Free 2-night stay in the AirBnb & meals included. 


Facebook group community with unlimited access to Taylor

You'll get access to the Facebook group through the end of July. Here you can ask me questions, feedback on your sales convos, your posts, etc. Ex: Ask for what to message someone when you get a crazy question from a lead [and I'll give you insight on the right way to handle it] or share screenshots of your last few posts for feedback [and I'll tell you specifically what you can change to improve]. My promise to you is that you will never feel unsupported in this mastermind and will uplevel all areas of your business, life and marketing. 

Why this is different (and better) than any other investment you've ever made: 



One of my gifts is telling you what YOUR gifts are. This looks like me tuning into you coaching a soulmate client (I'll fill you in on all the details of who they are so you can market specifically to them) and I can see what insight you are giving them and HOW you get that insight. We don't need anymore 7-figure coaches who just regurgitate information... we need unique, deep coaching that gets people results. And, YES, you can do that... we all have it, we just need to be aware of it. 

When you understand your unique gifts, your confidence skyrockets, your audience understands why you are completely different and explaining HOW you get clients incredible results is easy. 


The next step is sharing your unique marketing saga. This is your handful of stories that you can use to sell out each of your programs. You have one saga for each offer in your business and it allows you to connect deeply with your soulmate clients, show them who you truly are (so they can actually realize you are their soulmate coach) and calls  the RIGHT people into your programs. 

This makes marketing so freaking easy. You're never in your head trying to figure out what to write about, you know exactly what posts are going to get you results and you never write a post again to feel frustrated trying to tie it together or to make it more unique. 


Tired of journaling the same goals and fears for 6+ months? I was too. The mindset work you've learned up until now has brought some awareness around what is keeping you stuck but you have no clue how to move past it at the snap of your fingers. That changes in this program. We'll go deep into what you truly desire (not what other coaches show you that you need to desire to be cool enough) and actually make it all happen together. 


$5,000 deposit + 4 monthly payments of $1700 

Please note: This intensive, high touch program is capped at 12 women. And doors are open until March 31. 


Frequently Asked Questions.... 

Who exactly is this program for? 

  • Business, spiritual, relationship, health, life coaches who have been signing clients already in their business (most have already had $10k months) 
  • Women who are ready and willing to fully trust the process and do exactly what I say, even when they are terrified
  • You've worked with coaches before but it still feels hard to create consistent five figures cash - especially to get to $20k months 
  • You want to be different than the 99% of the industry - you want to have truthful marketing and get your clients huge results and you know no one else is teaching that 
  • You're ready to understand how your intuition works and how it can get you and your clients mindblowing results every single time

How much support will I be getting from you? 

You'll be receiving something  specific JUST for you just about every single week March through July - whether we are doing a training that week or a group coaching/mastermind session you will be receiving guidance and content every week to keep you moving forward - fast. Plus, we have the Facebook group where you can ask questions, share content you've been creating, links to sales pages, etc for direct feedback from me. Trust me, I give more support than almost any other coach out there.

But - I also want you to know this - this program is designed to get you results.. and is unlike any other program you have been in before. Contrary to what you've been taught to believe, you don't NEED hours upon hours of "coaching" to get to $20k cash months THIS month. You need to know what's in this program - which no one else has ever given you before. 

How many women will be in this program? 

Between 10 and 20. Probably closer to 20. If you are asking this, you are probably worried that you will not receive the support you need if there are "too many" women. And if you fear that, it's probably happened to you before. I get that. That doesn't happen here. There will be the perfect amount of women, the calls will be the perfect amount of time and the feedback you get in the group will blow your mind. 

Not sure? Have other questions? Send me an email below...