Flow into next-level you.
Hit multiple 6-figures
Live fully free.


Let’s get this out of the way:

You are fully capable of hitting multiple 5-figure cash months in the next 90 days by implementing my proven FLOW formula.

But I get it.

Creating the consistent multiple 5-figure months you want in your business can seem overwhelming. Especially when the way it’s currently going for you feels anything but easy. Trust me, I know.


If you’re being honest, it downright sucks…

  • Every time one launch ends or a new client signs up, your mind goes straight to “what’s next”. You feel like you’re on a never-ending launch roller coaster and it’s exhausting.

  • Every time you cross a new income level, it feels like it’s harder to maintain it. You can’t help but constantly wonder “when will this finally get easier?”

  • You probably hit an income month you were really proud of ($10k or even $20k) but then it dipped back down. Now, you feel like it was a total fluke that you can’t repeat.

  • You’re tired of having to hustle for every single dollar. This business was supposed to create more freedom for you, but you’re spending every second wondering how you’ll make the next sale.

  • You’re starting to just give up altogether because it’s looking like nothing will work.

I know because I’ve been there. I was you.

And to get straight to the point...

Your dream of a full financial freedom doing work you love is possible. It truly is.

It’s possible to confidently do what you love and be paid really freaking well for it. And it’s possible to not have your life revolve around money fear and wondering when your next payment is going to come in.


Your story was my story.

I started coaching at 20-years-old. Business coaching. I was terrified of being found out as some millennial fraud.

But honestly, I loved this work, I loved seeing my clients reach new levels of success. I truly felt like every time my client signed a client I was making a bigger impact in their world.

Still, plateau could’ve been my middle name.

I was doing all of the things: listening to audio-books in the shower, repeating affirmations 5 times a day, dancing before discovery calls to get high-vibe, investing in multiple coaches at a time…

Yet, I was stuck hitting $8k months for 6 months straight.

It felt like no matter what I did I just couldn’t get past that income level. I tried all the woo-woo things to break past my ‘glass ceiling’ and I invested in more and more strategy training to find what was missing.

Getting to my next-level truly felt like a fight.

I could work really hard and hit a slightly bigger month, but then my income would dip back down because I was totally burnt out and unmotivated.

Resonate at all? (AKA… resonate a lot? Think I’m stalking you, basically?)


So what changed?

I had to look at business in a whole new way. To stop believing that more work equated to more money. To commit to slowing down to speed up. As crazy as it sounded, I knew I had to because everything else I was trying was obviously not working.

Instead of asking myself when it'll finally get easy, I took matters into my own hands and MADE it easy.

How, you ask? I ditched everyone else's strategies, committed to doing less and achieve more, stripped off all the fluff and really stepped into being the version of myself I wanted to be.

In this process, I discovered four pillars that make a business that flows: Foundations, Leverage, Ownership, and Systems. That's the heart of my FLOW Formula, the blueprint of the transformation my clients go through with me.


The #1 mistake you’re making in business

The problem with the way most coaches and service providers run their business is that it’s based off of hustle or fear.

Meaning, you wake up, think “shit, I need to make money” and take a bunch of messy action hoping to make a quick sale.

You feel good for a minute, maybe even a few days depending on how much you make. But then the cycle starts again.

In a year, you look back and you have no rhyme or reason to your strategy. You have no repeatable systems. Heck, you don’t even have a real business model or predictable income baseline.

You’re not trying to run a side hustle to bring in a little quick cash for bills anymore, are you? You want to run a business with predictable income so you can live a Fully Free life.

And a life of freedom can only come when our income is consistent.

That’s why I created the FLOW formula and now help my private clients implement it in their own businesses. 


Christie Bailey
Online Sales Mentor


“Today may have just been the best day of my life. The morning started out with a random referral, which resulted in a $3500 cash sale for my mastermind.

Then, I got a message from someone I'd never talked to before. At first, I thought she'd be better for my mastermind and not 1:1, but she was like “nope, need your 1:1” — she knew it was over $10K!

So I talked to her on the phone to confirm she was a good fit. Her words were: "I literally don't even care what the program consists of. I know you're gonna get me where I wanna go."

When I hung up, I realized this was my first $15k day and already a $20K month, since I already made other sales this month!

Today, I have what I’ve always wanted. To be respected, appreciated, compensated, and loved... for who I am. My authentic self.

Taylor, you literally rock my world. Thank you for pushing me to get clear on my ideal client. Thank you for pushing me to raise my rates to $10k. Thank you for just being an awesome human and soulmate coach. You are changing my life.”


Here’s what happens when you bring FLOW into your business:


You go from hustling to hit your best month and feeling like there’s no way you could do it again to starting the month knowing a minimum of 5 figures is coming in thanks to your recurring income stream.

… just like my clients Alex & Jenny.


You go from your best month ever being a $20k month to signing three $18k+ clients (two of which pay you in full) in one week.

… just like my client Gianna.

You have your first $20k month and realize it feels easier and takes less effort than any other previous lower income months, thanks to your systems and new marketing angle.

… just like my client Ashley. 


And In my own business, FLOW allowed me to:

  • Stop reinventing the wheel and commit to just two main offers that led to multiple 5-figure months alone.

  • Bring ease to selling by mastering the programs I was offering and the strategies I was using.

  • Get more clients with less work and less content.

  • Create systems that work for me and sell my offers on autopilot, so I never have to feel pressured into jumping into another messy launch.

Sounds dreamy? This is how it works...



Flow 1:1 Mentorship

The 3-month private mentorship program to unlock multiple 6 figures in your business and live a fully free life using my FLOW formula.


Pillar 01


This is where we map out your 2 core offers to bring in $20k+ cash per month. Say goodbye to always launching or selling 20 different offers per year. It’s time to do work you actually love , over deliver to your clients, and relax knowing your bank account is in total overflow. (I heard that sigh of relief!)

Pillar 2


This is where your marketing gets a whole lot easier. I’m going to have you taking less action and focusing on what brings the biggest return. You’ll be fully guided around what the right actions are for your business and your soulmate client.

Pillar 3


This is where we work on your mindset. I know you’re already journaling, meditating, using affirmations… but I also know it’s not working. I’ll give you actions to actually step into owning and being who you desire to be now. We’ll use my process for overcoming glass ceilings every week as they come up.

Pillar 4

Workflow & Sales Systems

How would it feel to have a an offer that makes $10k+ per month without you doing anything more than getting some people signed up for your free offer every month? That’s what we do here. We’re creating workflows and sales systems to hit multiple 5-months on autopilot so you’re free’d up to be creative, serve your clients deeply, and go live your life!




9, 45-minute strategy sessions that will always leave you feeling confident on the next steps you need to take to hit your goals over the next week (you’ll never be left feeling confused on your next steps or mid-breakthrough)


Unlimited Voxer support, or as my clients say, the "game changer" that allows them to continue to move forward and hit their goals no matter what bumps in the road pop up along the way (imagine: mindset chat, pep talks, feedback, quick answers to your q’s and a kick in the butt as needed ;))


Unlimited feedback on marketing materials (website pages, posts, emails, funnels, etc via Google Docs) to make sure your marketing is potent and powerful.


Me fully committed to your journey every step of the way as my VIP client - nothing will be held back, all ‘secrets’ will be shared and anything you need to create the success you envision is yours.

“I was so hesitant to hire Taylor because the last coach I worked with was a massive investment and I didn’t feel supported. I ended up draining my bank accounts and feeling depressed and scared. My mental health was seriously affected. Not that it was the coach’s fault, but it all left me very hesitant to invest in another high-ticket coach. 

I knew Taylor was amazing though. So, after wrapping my mind around it all, I got some credit and paid her in full. This was scary but also massively empowering. Making that investment in itself empowered me to raise my rates and expect to be paid in full.
Within a few weeks of coaching, I had my first pay-in-full private client for $15k and paid the credit cards that allowed me to hire her. 

Taylor helped me unpack my mindset around filling my 1:1. I upleveled like crazy and filled my private coaching with
3 beyond-dreamy clients for $23K each. On top of that, 2 of them paid me in full. I almost had a $60K cash month

While working with Taylor, I’ve had multiple multiple-5-figure months, up-leveled my beliefs, and released my deepest fears. I feel worthy, stable, and happy. I’m more connected to the people in my life, and feel supported by my business instead of controlled by it. I just feel confident. 

Taylor has changed my life and I want to be her client forever. If you are thinking about hiring her just do it!” 


Gianna Rackman
Love & Relationship Coach



$20k Pay in full
($10k deposit + 2 payments of $5k)

(only 9 spots per year are offered for this program)


This is for you if…

  • You have a service-based, online business (coaching, consulting, web design, copywriting, social media management, etc)

  • You get excited about having a community of thousands of soulmate clients who swoon over your content and stories

  • You have the desire to charge 5 figures (or more) for your 1:1 services

  • You get excited at the thought of serving 100+ students in your signature course over the next 6-12 months

  • You shamelessly desire to make $50,000 months within the next months.

  • You are ready to share your story and not give a damn what people think.

  • You’re ready to let go of all fears you have around hitting your goals.

  • You love personal development. You just can’t stop investing in yourself.

  • You know you are meant for more – to reach more, to do more, to be more, to make more, to create more.

This is not for you if…

  • You can’t imagine creating multiple 5-figure months in your business because right now you’re basically making nothing.

  • You feel guilty for wanting to create the life of your dreams, make a lot of money or be successful.

  • You’re so stuck worrying about what people think that you hold back from sharing your story or content.

  • You often find yourself making excuses on why you aren’t taking action or why you aren’t successful

  • You aren’t sure if the work you do is good enough or will get client’s results

  • You are attracted to coaching or an online business because it looks easy and really profitable

  • You don’t want someone to tell you to do what feels right for you and have no desire to create your own strategy for success. You want to swipe a method and run your business exactly how your coach does.


Ashley Enget
Online Business Coach


"I've just been looking at my income spreadsheet, and things have really changed. I was getting $1,500 payments for my 1:1 coaching (3-month payments plan) with no pay-in-fulls in sight. 

Now, I'm receiving $1,300 payments for my group program, $2,500 deposits, and a
$10,000 pay in full for 1:1 clients

I have invested in myself and learned so much in the past year, but I was not getting paid what I was worth. I was booking 5-figure months but I was tired and exhausted (like when I had 7 coaching calls in one day! #burnout ) 

After working with Taylor I 
had my first $20K month and it was easier than any $10K month I had before. I finally have a repeatable system that makes sales feel easy!"  



$20k Pay in full
($10k deposit + 2 payments of $5k)

(only 9 spots per year are offered for this program)


Your Questions, Answered

What happens in the discovery call? What's next?

This is a no-pressure call where you fill me in on your business, the actions you’re currently taking, what’s working & what’s not. I will listen in for the gaps keeping you from your revenue and life goals.

From here, we can identify if this program is the right fit and if so, how I see you getting to the next level (no secrets here!). If it feels like a total ‘hell yes’ to both of us, I’ll send over the contract + invoice to get started and we’ll get your first call on the calendar.

Please note this call is not for you if you are not sure if I'm the coach for you or if you are not able to invest in mentorship.

+ How do I know if you are the right coach for me?

I always suggest that you get to know me through my free content before applying to work 1:1. Take your time. If you learn a lot from my live-streams, feel ready to kick some ass after reading my posts, and like you would love to have an all-access pass to my brain, I’m probably the coach for you.

And if not, I’m probably not the coach for you.

+ Can I really get results in 90 days?

This is for you to answer. I’m looking for clients who are confident that they are meant for more, that they have what it takes to get there, and simply desire massive accountability, added direction, and outside input.

I’ve had incredible client results in this program. Within months 2 and 3, it’s very common for my clients to hit their first multiple 5-figure month, start signing 5-figure clients, or have their largest launch yet.

If your gut is screaming “I’m next!!!” then let’s do it. If you feel super scared and unsure and can’t even think straight hearing those kinds of results, this probably isn’t for you yet.

+ What’s the difference between this and your other programs?

This is the all-access pass to my brain and support. None of my other programs include private access to me.

My courses are great to learn my methods and strategies and figure out how to apply them to your own business on your own.

My masterminds are great to surround yourself with other women at your level who can give you input and have weekly time to ask me questions in front of a group.

But… if you know I’m the coach for you and you want my full focus on your business, someone to share your questions with to as soon as you think of them, and someone who gets to know your business inside and out and can call you out without being asked, this IS the program for you.

The question is what type of support do you feel most drawn to now?

+ Is this right for me if I am brand new in business or currently not making money?

No. This program is perfect for those typically 6 months to 3 years into their business, close to or at 6-figure years, and who’ve already been investing in themselves.

That’s simply because that’s who gets the best results from this work. If you know you want to work with me 1:1 and aren’t here yet, go through my other offers first and then apply for 1:1 support.

+ What kinds of businesses will this work for?

This is best for coaches (business, life, health, intuitive, relationship, etc) and service providers (web designers, copywriters, Facebook ad managers, OBMs, etc).

I only take on clients I’m confident I can help. If you get massive value from my free content and fit all of the above criteria then this is probably for you. Go ahead and apply.

When Alex and Jenny came to me, they had a $20k month in the past but were never able to get there again and wanted to know how to not only get there but keep it consistent.  

Fast forward to January 2018, and they were celebrating a $35,272 cash month! With the strategies I teach, they not only brought in over $30k cash in February but locked in $20k before the 1st of the month! 

And from that, by the 5th of February, they had locked in $30K cash for the month in payments and new sales. Over $10k is coming in through their low-ticket membership site alone plus fully booking their 1:1 coaching and services.





Investing in a high-level coach can be terrifying. I know it, I’m on my 8th now.

I’m not here to convince you to invest in this program.

I’m here to remind you that your gut never steers you wrong. Even when your intuition is screaming yes, it can still be scary.

I still get scared to spend $10,000+ on something – and I’ve done it many times.

But every time it’s the right move, I just know it. The sales page speaks to me, I can’t stop consuming that person’s coaching, and I keep hearing a strong “yes” whenever I check in with myself.

The worst thing you can do is sit on the fence.

That’s not who you are. You’re an action taker, an ass-kicker, an overachiever.

I know when you’re sitting on something like this it starts to take up way more brain space than it should. This is why I offer discovery calls: you won’t have any pressure on you to hand over your credit card on the phone or to make a decision then and there (unless you feel like it!).

I’d love to help you explore this opportunity if it’s speaking to you deeply.

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$20k Pay in full
($10k deposit + 2 payments of $5k)

(only 9 spots per year are offered for this program)