"Taylor has helped me vastly improve both my storytelling ability and my sales skills. I've always struggled with my content writing because it's so to-the-point and most of the time I forget to even put a call to action. But Taylor has helped bring more of "me" to my business creating long-term client trust. And I absolutely love talking with Taylor - she's super fun and helpful and it feels more like you're confiding in a friend rather than a coach."

- Miranda Thompson

"I’m a spiritual mentor & relationship coach, and I came to Taylor wanting to create and launch a masterclass (but not knowing how to do it). Taylor helped me to run my first webinar, where I sold 6 spots to my paid masterclass on Healing Relationships (did I mention my conversion rate was almost 30 percent?!) This was definitely the most empowering thing to happen in my business so far! 

Then, she helped me to design a simple sales funnel for the masterclass recording, making it my first ever passive income product. Now we’re working on a plan for me to launch a two-week mini-course on a different topic every six weeks, which feels SO in line with my personality and my ideal clients. 

I feel WAY more confident in designing products and services that feel amazing to offer and are easy to sell. Taylor has a knack for helping me to come up with strategies that feel really good to me- she really thinks outside box and always has a ton of suggestions. Also, I know she doesn’t advertise this, but she’s actually awesome with mindset too - she’s helped me walk through moments of doubt to emerge with clarity and excitement about my next steps. "

- Moriah Helms

"You are SO sweet Taylor! I am so happy to have found you, our work together has helped me SO much and I can't wait to launch my new website and FB group together this next week - I wouldn't be at this point or feeling as good about my overall marketing strategy - if not for YOU!!! Thanks for being so responsive, so creative, and so flexible and for helping me brainstorm and just for being so caring about it all. You are a gem and I look forward to more great work together!!!!"

- Deanna Carlisle

“Taylor has really helped me get my business back on track, I was really struggling to keep afloat with so many changes needing to happen. Taylor really helped me look at the figures and put a solid profitable structure in place today to keep consistent income coming into my business. After two calls and becoming a member of Taylor's amazing mastermind, my business is now soaring again. So grateful, thank you, Taylor. I am a raving fan.”

- Lorna Poole

"Taylor Manning is a straight-up superstar. She is smart, creative, insightful, and extremely strategic. She is so generous in sharing knowledge and expertise with optins, ads, funnels, and helps her clients apply it to their business in a fresh and memorable way."

- Sarah King