JULY 14 - August 4

  • Redefining You and Your Badass Brand So You Stand Out, Get Noticed and Start Signing Way More Clients (Way Easier)

  • The Daily/Weekly/Monthly Marketing Tasks You Need To Be Creating Five Figure Months (And How To Finally Do Them Right and Get Results)

  • Creating Your Shiny Object Freebie That Has Ideal Clients Going Crazy Over What You Have To Offer and Adding Hundreds of People To Your List with Ease 

  • Bonus Training (with 1:1 Support) From Mindset and Energy Expert Andra Popescu

AUGUST 7 - September 1

  • Master Getting The Right People on The Phone and Hearing "YES" Way More Often (Getting Over Objections, Finally Closing The Sale and Mastering Non-Desperate Follow Up Processes)

  • Creating and Fine Tuning Your Sales Funnel To Book More Discovery Calls and Create More Income (PLUS: Unlimited Feedback From Me On Every Single Email In Your Funnel) 

  • Part 1: Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your List Massively (Strategies I've Used on 6 and 7 Figure Launches) 

  • Part 2: Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your List Massively (Strategies I've Used on 6 and 7 Figure Launches) 

Month Three:

  • Using Webinars, Challenges and Other Live Content Events To Fill Your Programs and Create Five Figure (And Beyond) Launches 

  • How To Create a Successful Launch Plan and Fill Any Program You Want to Sell By Understanding Your Numbers and Conversion Rates 

  • Adding In More Passive Income and Group Programs To Your Business To Scale Your Income While Creating More Time 

  • Open Week + Q&A (Bonus Livestream Training Decided By You)

Month Four:

  • Raise Your Prices and Tweak Your Structure So You Can Easily Create Five and Multiple Five Figure Months Without Burn Out

  • Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant and Other Team Members In An Affordable and Effective Way To Take All The Boring Stuff Off Of Your Plate 

  • Collaborations, PR Opportunities and Building Profitable Relationships (How I've Successfully Brought in Five Figures From Nearly Every Collaboration I Do)  

  • Open Week + Q&A (Bonus Livestream Training Decided By You)

It’s not just about the content and training. You also get unlimited feedback from me to bounce your ideas around and realize exactly how you can instantly improve the results of your content and marketing. I created a six-figure business in a year and I’m ready to show you how you can, too. Are you ready?