I've packaged my top programs from 2017 (All designed to get you to your 6-figure year) and am taking over 80% off the price. 

Let me take a wild guess - 

You've put in the work this year. 

Created your social media presence, an email list, maybe even a Facebook group.... but you're still not making the $8-$10k per month you want to be. 

And the biggest piece of the problem is feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do and you've obviously been either focusing on things that aren't giving you that big ROI or you've been scattered between this project and the next. 

Creating a 6-figure business is a no brainer. Of course, you deserve it and are meant for it. 

If there's one thing I know for sure it's that the way the world runs today is fucked up. You're telling me I'm supposed to live this one life, short enough as it is, spending every day 9 to 5 (or whatever ridiculous hours my boss sets) working a job I hate? Making barely enough to get by? Or maybe I am making good money but I only get a few weeks off a year and still after taking my family on vacations and doing all the other things we're supposed to do... there still isn't much left.

Or what really gets me (because I've seen it happen to my own loved ones) I'm supposed to work my ass off, pinch my pennies, save it all just to die or become too old to really enjoy it? 


That's why I am so passionate about teaching this content. Because, money should be easy and fun. You shouldn't have to be afraid to spend money. You shouldn't have to feel guilt every time you buy something or swipe a credit card. You shouldn't have to save it all just to survive off of it later. You shouldn't have to check your bank account before a night out with friends, or worse, before paying for groceries. That's bullshit in my book.

I've chosen to live completely different. And I'll be honest, people think I am crazy.  But my bank account is happy. And I am happy. 

And the one thing I know for sure, is you can too - it's NOT supposed to be this way.  

OK - So what the hell is in this badass bundle - 

1. 6-Figure Ambition Workbook Modules

6-Figure Ambition is the group program for ambitious women entrepreneurs take their online businesses to consistent five figure months using the power of community, content and drool-worthy offers. You'll be receiving 13, in-depth PDF/workbook modules. The modules are all anywhere from 10-30 pages long and full of everything you need to know on their topics. Your mind will be blown. I promise. 

Here's a breakdown of all of the modules: 

  • Redefining You and Your Badass Brand
  • The Must Do Marketing Tasks of a 6-Figure Coach / Service Provider 
  • Creating Your Shiny Object Freebie to Grow Your List by Thousands 
  • Mastering Getting The Right People on The Phone to Hear "YES" A Lot More
  • Creating Your Sales Funnel for Sales Calls on Automate
  • Facebook Ads and List Growth Part 1 
  • Facebook Ads and List Growth Part 2 
  • Signing Clients & Making Sales with Live Content Events (Webinars, etc) 
  • Creating a Launch Plan & Calendar (Like My $80k Launch) 
  • Scaling Your Income With Passive Offers and Group Programs
  • Love Your Business More & Create More Money 
  • Team Building 
  • Profitable Collabs, PR and Relationship Building 

Value: $4,000 (yes, that's what this program has sold at) 

2. Five Figure Facebook Group Course 

Ready to make 5-figures (or more!) per month from your Facebook community? Five Figure Facebook Groups is my 5-week course for ambitious life and business coaches who are ready to create a Facebook group with thousands of members, massive engagement and that makes five figures cash each month. 

Here's a breakdown of the modules: 

  • Strategically creating your group so it grows itself 
  • Building your group to it's first 1,000 members 
  • Creating Facebook content that converts into clients and sales 
  • Using other Facebook groups (even with strict no promo rules) to grow your group and making more income 
  • How to have large launches using your Facebook group 

With the badass bundle you'll get access to the FULL course including: 

  • 5 modules with a total of 17 videos you scan watch and implement at your own pace 
  • Bonus workbooks, checklists and printables to use again and again as you grow your Facebook group 
  • Lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook group (Where I am answering ALL of your Facebook group questions!) 
  • A bonus vault of training that is always growing and includes swipe copy, video trainings and workbooks 
  • Access to the course content forever, including updates and new content 

Value: $497 (really even more but that's what this course has sold for) 

3. 6-Figure Takeaways Video Series 

In 2017, only my second year of my business, I've been able to generate over a quarter of a million dollars. And to celebrate, I created this video series to share the top 5 takeaways I've had and workshop with you through how to implement them in your business and life too. 

Here's what we cover in the five videos (1, 20-minute video and 4, 40+ minute videos): 

  • Defining Your Multiple 6-Figure Per Year Business (Exactly what it looks like) 
  • Unfucking Your Alignment in Your Business (So you start selling more than ever before) 
  • How I Sell To Create $20k+ Months Every Single Month 
  • How To Market Yourself as a Leader To Create Raving Fans and Repeat Buyers
  • Your Unique 6-Figure Strategies 

Value: $497 

4. UnleashedHo Mastermind Library 

The Unleashed Mastermind is my mastermind for driven and ambitious entrepreneur women ready to live to their full potential, ditch every single excuse and increase their online business income massively.  In our trainings we combine strategy, inspiration and true potential to allow you to see your income and results soar. While the mastermind is closed I am giving you access to 21 trainings we've done together. 

The trainings include: 

  • Booking Discovery Calls Like a Badass
  • Building Your Email List Organically (AKA for free) 
  • Copywriting That Sells 
  • How I Create Launch Calendars 
  • Creating Your Sales Funnel 
  • Establish Yourself as a Leader + Magnetize Clients To You 
  • Grain Traction in Your Biz in 1-2 Hours Per Day
  • Creating and Selling Group Offerings 
  • How To Create New Offers and Sell Them The Same Day
  • How To Get Clients On Instagram
  • How To Sell Programs Without a Sales Page
  • How To Make Sales in Your Business Every Single Day
  • 4-Figures Monthly in Passive Income 
  • Mastering The Sales Call (Even if you're not a sales queen) 
  • How I Use Blogging and Pinterest To Grow My List
  • Overcoming Objections from Potential Clients
  • How To Sell High End Coaching Programs ($10k+) 
  • My Simple Strategy To Book 1:1 Clients
  • Using Webinars To Sell Your Programs
  • What Numbers You Need To Be Tracking In Your Biz 
  • How To Decide On Pricing For Your Coaching 

Value $1200 

TOTAL VALUE: $6,194