I'm Taylor Manning and I help ambitious, up and coming leaders of the industry scale their business to multiple five figure months using create, stand out strategies. 

I started my freelance business in April of 2014 as college student.

I was killing it.

In just a year, I had gigs paying me $25+ an hour doing work that allowed me to have a killer internship, full-time course load and a schedule that was flexible enough to include my long distance relationship, family time, and late nights with friends.

Everyone wanted to know what I was doing and how they could to do it too.

Yet, I wanted so much more.

I was increasing my rates on a monthly basis.

I was bringing on new clients left and right.

I even started my own community and was getting paid to be a guest blogger for marketing sites.

When I graduated with my bachelors at 19-years-old (my story just screams over achiever, doesn't it?) - I didn't apply for a single job. I didn't even think about going to grad school. I knew I wasn't making that great of money in my business, but my intuition was screaming that I was on the right track.

My parents were on edge. Their smart, mature, goody-good daughter was jumping into something full of uncertainty. (OK fine - plus I adult ran-away'd across the country with an older guy, but still....) 

Long story short, I ended up moving across the country with no connections except for my boyfriend. And I was hell-bent on taking my business to the next level.

I gave my dream life everything I had.

I changed my target market and started working with six and seven figure entrepreneurs who were launching big programs and courses.

I was supporting million dollar launches, running hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of advertising, and creating email funnels every single day.

I loved it; I was finally thriving.

By this point, I had quadrupled my income in just two and a half months.

Yet, I still felt like I could do more.

I decided to help other ambitious women make huge impacts and income, just like I was doing. (Finally, alignment.)

My clients were doing amazing things: making enormous sales off of webinars, booking ten free calls in a matter of days, and hitting multiple five-figure months within just weeks of working together.

My clients loved me (and were killing it, too) and I had more free time than ever.

Now, just eight months later, I'm hitting five-figure months (like... $25,000 months), collaborating on huge launches and taking my clients to consistent $10,000 and $20,000 months.

And, even better, I've flown past the six-figure mark by just 21-years-old and now have a multiple 6-figure business that totally supports my mission, purpose and passion. (And let's me spend lot's of time with my cutie pie pups at home!) 

I love teaching badass women how to make tons of money in their online business. For a while, I felt guilty about this. 

That is, until seeing how making more money in your business changes not only your life, but the world. 

Creating a profitable, thriving and always growing business is about so much more than just banking tens of thousands of dollars - it's about living a life I truly love that's always getting better and better. 

Creating multiple 6-figures allows me to: 

  • See my siblings who live across the country whenever I want and spoil them rotten. #sorrynotsorry
  • Travel to Orlando, New York City, LA and all over the country to network and coach my clients
  • Never have to check my bank account before making a decision or deciding what I really want 
  • Leave epic tips when we go out to eat and pay for date nights as often as I want #yourewelcomebabe 
  • Inspire other young women, ambitious women, those closest to me and my siblings to do whatever the hell they want

Even better, the more money I make in my business, the more people I serve. 

My clients are changing the world in so many ways... Some are business coaches, others are health coaches, relationship coaches, empowerment coaches, marketing and launch strategists, career coaches, course creators and more.... 

Nothing feels more fulfilling than realizing how many lives my clients and I as a team change - we're truly changing the world while changing our own lives and going after the income goals we want.