Are you ready?


You're here because you've been given a set of rules that you're not sure how you got them or where they came from. And quite honestly, why you even bother to follow them. But you've been conditioned to be the "nice girl",  or the "good guy", so you follow them anyway.

So not only are you living a make-everyone-happy at your expense kind of life, it's bleeding into your business. You're always stressed and anxious, with half a business that barely reaches your full potential. It's a struggle to charge what you know your service is worth and are terrified to set boundaries.

You wouldn't even know how to raise the price without going into hysteria. Your sales seem to come at random or by chance. And now you’ve sacrificed your health with work that is overflowing into what is suppose to be a relaxing family weekend.

You hate it. These rules suck! ( Trust me, been there done that )


Hey sweet friend, my name is Taylor Manning.

These rules do suck, and I'll show you how to rewrite them. Women like you, hire me to show them the life they want is possible. What they really hire me for is to create their own unique strategy to run the business they're called to build - one that gives them true freedom.

What they really REALLY hire me for, is the results - more money, more time, more being fully expressed and FREE. Not that long ago, I was living by everyone else's expectations of me. I got the good grades, said the right things and I was the good girl.But then… I decided to run away across the country to live with a guy I met on the internet just to get away from it all.

Not that I wanted to be bad, but the expectations lead me to a place where I didn't even know myself.And before I knew it I was running a business where the same thing was happening.

I was living according to my client's expectations, working for way less than I wanted to be (really… I took on a client for LESS than minimum wage), around the clock hours, and had the joy sucked out of me.


 How could this happen?!

I thought for sure, this time would be different.

But I learned quickly nothing would be different until I created my own rules that ended "Can I?" and started with "I can."

And now?

  • Multiple 6-figures per year
  • Saying what I want to say
  • Working with clients who go above and beyond to respect my boundaries
  • Five figures/month with pure passive income
  • The healthiest I’ve been in 5 years
  • Fully Free

And, yes, the answer can be the same for you -

You can.