Hi, I'm Taylor. 

And I see next level you (not who you think you need to become, but who you already are) that's creating everything she desires - including the $50k months.


Basically... I'm unlike any other mentor you've heard of. 

When you work with me I don't give you a step by step template of strategies that I've used to grow my business (but am not even sure if they'll work for you) or tell you to just do what feels "good" (because growth is always a bit uncomfortable), instead I tell you exactly: 

  • What you need to start marketing right now [what to sell + what to say in your posts] to sign your highest paying client yet 
  • What your own intuitive gifts are that make you different than any other coach out there, allow you to say things in your content that have never been said and finally understand how to get your clients the huge results you know are possible for them 
  • What your real blocks are, what they're causing in your life and business right now and HOW to actually get rid of them [no journaling or affirmations involved ;)]

Dying to get the answers?